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About us Green Aid Landscapes welcomes you

Green Aid Landscapes was established in the year 1984, with a vision to give a new dimension to the Indian Landscape Industry. We became a leading landscape company in India, by the year 1995. The Indian Landscape Industry was only confined to residences of Big Industrial houses, the farmhouses and star hotels. Landscaping that is synonymous to luxury spaces was not recognized and appreciated much from the perspective of environmental preservation and up-gradation.

The Dot com era revolutionized the Real estate and that offered us great insights with respect to overseas awareness about the Indian Landscape Industry.

At Green Aid Landscapes we are dedicated to undertaking and curating comprehensive landscape developments with ornamental gardens, thematic landscapes and artistic water fronts. We offer 360 degree solutions to turnaround your open spaces, to beautify them and to bring you closer to nature.

Each and every beautification projected embarked upon at Green Aid Landscapes is nurtured and caressed as we infuse it with creative ideas, due diligence, research and development, technological innovations and up-gradations using eco-friendly materials and sophisticated field equipment. We breed and culture rare plants at our R & D nursery located in Ghaziabad to transform the most rugged waste land into delightfully soothing ‘HEAVENS’.

We have a PAN India presence with our International offices at Singapore and UAE.

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Our Landscape Solutions

3D Plan

With 3D projection systems, we offer you a specialist projection solution that can be adapted to bend around surfaces or mould to shapes even within complex landscapes.

Customised Beautification

Green Aid Landscape develops unique landscape projects from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with landscapes that stand the test of time.

Aquatic body modulations

Refreshing riverfront, waterfronts, lakes and river upliftment, garden pools with fresh water, musical fountains and ponds are created to add a magical touch to your landscape.


Thematic waterfalls add serenity to any garden with an eco-friendly water feature, soothing sounds and visually stimulating aspects that serve as a natural stress buster.

Non- Conventional beautified structures

The non-conventional structures offer branching structures, stacked box structures, interlaces, shell structures, folding structures, tensile structures, bubble structures and more.

Theme Based Sculptures

Landscape artefacts are used to depict natural scenery like mountains, tress, valleys, forests, rivers and sky and can be used as artefact or a backdrop to promote ethics, history and culture alongside tourism.

Optimized Water Distribution

We at Green Aid Landscapes can design, install and troubleshoot any irrigation system, from drip to commercial grade rotors.

Featured Customized illumination

Green Aid Landscapes offers professional low-voltage lighting solutions for any type of outdoor and indoor spaces to illuminate your landscape and create a truly unique visual experience.

Modular Acoustics

Water features, noise blocking plants, tall strategic plantings, natural fencing, soundproofing materials are all used to offer you modular acoustics.


We are capable of designing amphitheatres that are small community facilities to large concert venues serving to a large audience base that includes stationary seats, turf terraces or a sloped lawn with water sprinklers.

Thematic Entrances

A combination of signage, hardscape features, plantings are incorporated to offer smart execution of designs that create a remarkable entrance and enhance the value of your venue.

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